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What if your college-bound senior could write a winning application essay and become a better writer before college? 

Write Big 101 is the companion online course to Write Big: From College Application Essay to Storytelling Standout, the only book with a proven method for showing college- bound seniors how to wow admissions in their application essays by teaching them how to become better writers. 



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Start and finish the most important essay of your life with guidance and support from a professional writing coach.


Write Before I Graduate.

As a college professor, I wrote Write Big: From College Application Essay to Storytelling Standout to help your high school senior strengthen  writing skills just in time for college. Write Big 101 is my virtual classroom, where I show your student how to approach the most important writing of their lives to date. Write Big 101 students won't only learn from me but from the amazing student work in Write Big, with essay examples that've helped my students receive admission into top schools and scholarships toward tuition dollars.

Unveil Your Awesome.

In Write Big 101, your student will learn what they don't teach in school: the storytelling secrets to shine in a sea of applicants. College- bound seniors may even learn what's not obvious in the world around them. Amidst filters and photoshop, Write Big 101 teaches students to use writing to know themselves and communicate an authentic portrayal of who they are, as they align with their values, dreams, and ambitions to do more than impress but leave an impression.

Submit with Confidence.

Completing Write Big 101 means finishing the college application essay and becoming a better writer before your student's first college composition class. The college application essay is the perfect tool to grow as a writer because it's not an assignment. This time it's for real. Write Big 101 shows students how to start a writing project, make a plan, and submit with confidence. The course hinges on training students to recalibrate their writing effort to create their best work. 

Inside Write Big 101

Students will learn how to go from blank page to finished essay, using the proven method that's helped hundreds of students become college standouts. They'll gain invaluable tools for getting started, writing faster, and sounding smarter, along with the immeasurable confidence that comes from being a better writer.

Why Enroll in Write Big 101?

College-bound seniors learn what makes a winning topic, how to step into the shoes of the storyteller, design an essay with a strict word count, develop complex insights, revise and edit their essays, and so much more! Students who enroll in Write Big 101 will receive...

  • Their copy of Write Big: From College Application Essay to Storytelling Standout, available as an e-book through the class
  • Access to Dozens of Student Essays, to inspire and model the traits of a standout essay
  • Write Big 101 Writing Schedule, students choose their own adventure with 1-week and 2-week options
  • 3 Guided Video Modules, taking students on a tour from College Application Essay to Storytelling Superhero
  • Regular Writing Coaching Emails, to support accountability and high-quality writing



Guide to Writing College Application Supplemental Essays

After the college application essay, students are not done writing! In this guide, I'll walk them through how to gather the right information to help them show colleges they're a match for their school.


Quickstart to a Standout College Application Essay, a condensed version of Write Big 101!

Some students come to Write Big 101 with a draft, but are looking for ways to make it better. Others have pressing deadlines and need a great essay fast. In the Quickstart, I've selected the most essentials lessons from Write Big and given students a roadmap to starting and finishing on the fast track. 



"Victoria's guidance helped me craft pieces I am truly proud of and get accepted into my dream school!"

Princeton University

"Victoria's guidance allowed me to think creatively and inspired new pathways for impressive writing that I am proud to call my own."

Johns Hopkins University

"I will bring the lessons Victoria has taught me to use as I face future writing challenges as I enter college and beyond."

Chapman University

"It was amazing! I was able to achieve by far my best work and create an essay that I was proud of— for me, that is no small task. "

Smith College

"Victoria is my go to writing coach for all my students. She focuses on students' strengths and teaches them to express their voices in powerful ways. My students and their parents regularly thank me for referring them to Victoria."

Dr. Deborah Barany
Barany Educational Consulting

"Victoria was one of the most influential figures in my college application process."

Dickinson College

"Working with Victoria helped me gain the skills of storytelling and a way to write an original essay from unoriginal prompts."

Oregon State University

"In 2013, I was admitted to my dream school and entered my program with an even deeper understanding of what had brought me there. Now, in 2017, as I'm full swing into my career, I would highly encourage anyone considering their college or graduate school options to learn from Victoria as they piece together their story."

Johns Hopkins International School of Economics

"The essay I created was on a whole different level than anything I'd ever written on my own. Victoria taught me what a great piece of writing actually looks like."

Westminster College

Victoria Payne is a writer, writing coach, and the founder of Boxcar Writing Labs. For sixteen years, she taught writing at the University of Portland, receiving the Dean’s Award for Excellence in Teaching for Part-Time Faculty in 2017. Her work has helped hundreds of students write about their lives with style and substance. Victoria traces her love of story back to her childhood in Georgia, where the melody of storytelling was all around her. As a writer, she believes stories are the common language we speak to each other. Write Big is her first book, combining her experience teaching in the university classroom, her years as a writing coach, and her profound belief that writing gives us the tools and the wisdom to discover our role as the main character in our own fascinating story. In the last decade, many college bound seniors have used her lessons, collected in Write Big, to create standout application essays, gain admission into their dream schools, and strengthen their writing skills before college. Victoria lives, writes, and works in Portland, Oregon. 

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