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The Bad Writing Cure


Many people associate writing with the words on the page. And that makes a lot of sense. After all, when parents, teachers, or others complain that ‘no one can write anymore’ that’s what they generally point to—the poorly constructed sentences on the page. And when students struggle to get started, much less completed, it’s the words they’re generally struggling with. I don’t want to say everyone is wrong and I am right so maybe I’ll just say the first part: everyone is wrong.

Everyone, Victoria?

Okay, maybe not everyone. After all, I use to be one of the correctors who believed that well-stated words and sentences were a way to divide the world into the have and have nots. And it some cases, it still kind of works like that. But one of my first courses in graduate school blew my mind, when we learned that most people weren’t making a lot of mistakes. In fact, they were just making the same mistakes over and over. So yes, there...

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