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How to Turn a Website Visitor into a Paying Customer

Prospective customers who really like you, admire your work, and need your product or service may never call you. 
Is it something you said? 
Something you didn’t say? 
The messaging on your website should direct prospects to start a conversation with you. You can accomplish this through your headlines, subheadings, and by including call-to-action buttons on your website. In fact, current research in web design has found the top right corner of your website to be premium real estate. Research recommends adding a call-to-action button there because it’s a natural resting place for the viewer's eyes. 
But even with better messaging and call-to-action buttons these same people may never get in touch. 
Because they’re busy. They looked around on your site, got interrupted, went back to work, hopped in the carpool, or a million other ordinary things that happen to us on a...
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What is Your Business Famous For?

What is your business famous for? 
If your business is new, you might have trouble answering this question. Even established businesses have a hard time naming what makes them unique. 
But what happens if I change the question and ask: 
What do you want to be famous for? 
Elevating your narrative begins by taking control of it. Marketing strategist, Kyle Sexton, reminds businesses, “If you’re not telling your story, someone else is.” 
Taking control of your narrative begins with starting a conversation when they encounter your website. This starts with a strategic homepage but extends to the pages on your site. 
The problem is a lot of businesses aren’t sure what information they should share, so end up offering pages of everything, which causes your prospects to research, scroll, and compare rather than moving them in the direction of buying or working with you. 
You can...
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Is Your Website a Lecture or a Conversation?

When I was growing up, it was not uncommon to find myself on the wrong end of a lecture. Don’t get me wrong—I was a pretty good kid. The problem, at least as I saw it, was that my parents came from the old world where long [and often boring] talks were used to address missteps, wrongdoings, and of course, to occasionally secure [or was it manipulate?] good behavior. 

In a modern world, us parents are encouraged to instead start conversations with their children. Why? Because asking Timmy why he pulled the cat’s tail [again], puts the focus on the mentee, not the mentor, where assumptions [Timmy is a mean kid who will grow up to take his feelings out on innocent cats] are delayed rather than made.  

Now it would be unwise to suggest that a parent comes to a conversation with his or her child as a blank slate. In fact, having a theory or two about how your child might be feeling [Timmy is feeling jealous of his baby sister or Timmy needs a nap or Timmy...

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Why Your Business Needs an Email Campaign

Not everyone is ready to buy. Some people aren’t even ready to meet you. But lots and lots of people are willing to learn from you. 
In another article, I showed you why your business must have a lead magnet—a free resource or gift that lives on your homepage, in exchange for your prospect's email address. Creating a lead magnet is a first step but without an automated email campaign, you don't have a way to continue to build trust with future customers.
Creating an email campaign that nurtures new leads through a series of emails gives you a second chance to make a great first impression. Or perhaps it's more of an  opportunity to make a second impression.
And with each email you send, you get to make a third, fourth, fifth impression. It’s no accident that in advertising the word impression accounts for the number of times someone views your content. Impression is also a word that means to leave a lasting mark. 

What kind of...

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