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How to Find Meaning in a Detour [A New Year's Story]

On New Years Eve morning, I write to you from the DMV.

Because amidst plans and visions for the future, I am here to re-do something.

I’m here getting my driver’s license because I’ve managed on the cusp of 2020, for the first time in my life, to completely lose my purse.

Amidst tearing my home and car apart, checking my bank and credit card accounts for unusual activity [none], even searching the yard where Jack the dog likes to hide things [he once hid my running shoes], asking the older boys to “look everywhere!”, checking the refrigerator, the recycles, my running partner’s car [even her other car that we didn’t use], my head game was not good.

I reviewed the unfairness, the great injustice.

Remember the old movies where someone slaps the actress on each cheek while she slowly and dramatically come to her senses?

That was me talking to me.

“No! This will totally upend my life!”

“No! I won’t be able to get my...

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