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Does Your Website Pass the 15-second rule?

According to industry experts, people spend roughly 15 seconds on your website before they decide to stay or leave. Some of them, never to return. 
For the ones that walk away, yet still identify as your target audience, what makes them leave? 
In the StoryBrand framework, Donald Miller teaches the value of your customer locating themselves inside the story. In his book, Building a StoryBrand, he not only teaches the framework but gives you what he calls a Brandscript to help you rewrite your business’s story from about you and what you offer to a story about your customer and their problem
In other words, many people—including your ideal customers—are leaving your site because they don’t hear themselves reflected in the story you’re telling. 
Knowing your business story, or what I call your Brand Story, isn’t just something business geeks talk about. And that's a good thing. Because...
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