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Why Writing About Your Life Has the Power to Change It

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like if you could start over? 
Or maybe you’re the kind of person who admits regret but wouldn’t change a thing. 
While each day offers us an opportunity to restart our lives, unfortunately we don’t get do-overs…
Except when it comes to writing. 
In fact, the word revision actually means to see again. And if you pause long enough to consider its meaning, you’ve actually performed the word's intent. Here, you see a familiar word, a word with connotations related to writing [and pain] and next you add another layer of meaning. 
In writing, the capacity to see the stories that make up your life again has enormous implications. What happens when we look at our lives not just critically but with imagination? 
What happens when we say to ourselves “I thought I was headed this way, but I ended up going another way” or...
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