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How the New Psychology of Success Speaks to College Students

You’ve heard that money doesn’t buy happiness (or love if you ask the Beatles), but what about achievement? Can achieving your goals provide lasting happiness? 
To receive admission into a great college, students must accomplish, achieve, and execute. So what happens when they finally cross that finish line? Well, if their new school attracted other bright applicants like them, they may transition from excellent to average. For students who’ve derived self-esteem from their scholastic or athletic recognition, or even from university acceptance, starting college can dredge up brand new insecurity or even put their achievement motor into overdrive. While some say the world’s just a rat race, college a ladder you must climb on your way to the next rung of competition, there are others who wonder, “Why doesn’t happiness from accomplishments last? And why must I accomplish more in order to feel good about myself?” 
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