For Rising 6-8th // Rising 9-12TH

Word domination is the class you wish they taught in school. A course devoted to the practical application of the English Language, Word Domination promotes mastery over powerful punctuation conventions, elusive parts of speech, and helpful language decoding. Our approach highlights the patterns behind words and sentences that unlock knowledge and improve confidence. Designed for language lovers and skeptics, this class promises to be way more fun than any grammar lesson you’ve never dreamed about.

Language Decoding // Latin Roots
Parts of Speech // Independent Clauses 
High Value Word Lists 

2-Day Intensives: $230

6-8th GRADE June 19 & 20 2-4pm
9-12th GRADE June 28 & 29 1-3pm

Additional Private Coaching Packages for Word Domination:

+5 Sessions // $800

+3 Sessions // $550

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Word Domination Intensive & Packages

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