Victoria Payne

Before Victoria Payne began her career as an educator and writer, she was a well-known know-it-all. Indeed, Victoria spent much of her youth in Northeast Georgia correcting others. With an ear tuned for language and an unhealthy devotion to the dictionary, she felt it her duty to help Southerners reconcile their pronunciation with the phonetical exactness of Webster’s. This gift was not always well-received, and she eventually softened her approach with bits of etymological trivia, finding correction tedious but language itself thrilling. Her new approach proved genius, and Victoria soon discovered her tribe had a name: the English major.

These days Victoria does far less correction and much more coaching. With undergraduate and graduate degrees in English, she still feels the title ‘writing coach’ best describes her. As a college professor for 16 years at the University of Portland, and recently honored with the 2017 Excellence in Teaching Award for Part Time faculty, Victoria has translated her love of language to co-found Inscribe in 2012 and most recently to start BOXCAR Writing Labs in 2017. She is an expert in the college application essay, coaching students to write remarkable essays for admission into their selected schools and win scholarships toward tuition dollars. She holds College Application Intensives and offers private coaching to rising seniors. Additionally, she’s created innovative programs like STORY GRAMS and WORD DOMINATION for younger audiences. Victoria has even revived her days as a know-it-all by working with professionals seeking a story strategist to grow their businesses. Her clients gain professionally written bios and stories but also experience what some call her ‘unique ability’ to find the story inside the interviews with businesses and their clients. Today, Victoria is thrilled to work with bright minds of all ages, helping them find a way into a writing project even as they may hope for a way out. She lives, works, and writes in Portland, Oregon with her three sons.