Here’s what our clients say…

“Our children, a 14-year old boy and a 12-year old girl, are good students; they love reading and keep up with their schoolwork. However, we wanted our children to have some individual instruction to build their language arts knowledge and improve their writing skills, especially as they approach high school. We understand how important it is in today’s society and work environment—no matter if you plan to be a scientist, teacher or salesperson—to be able to comprehend, analyze and communicate clearly about what one hears and reads.

Victoria does an amazing job helping our children acquire additional literature and language arts skills effectively. She customizes her work to each kid’s level, all in a very positive way. We would call her a “coach” in the best sense of the word: someone who can evaluate honestly where a child/teen is currently at with reading and writing; design a learning program that doesn’t feel like extra work; help build skills through practice, discussion and evaluation together; and elicit progress that will last. We have noticed that the instruction is not rote curriculum or process, but teaches material and builds real skills in context, not in a vacuum.

We can say that we have gotten significantly MORE than we hoped for when we started working with Victoria. We give her the highest recommendation possible. And it is shared by our kids; significantly, this is one appointment our teens really look forward to!”

–Michelle Crimmins

“Victoria has not only helped our daughter with her writing and reading but in building her self confidence and growing her self reliance. She is a crucial member of our daughter’s “super team” that is helping her navigate successful through her first year of high school!”–Karen Rodriguez

“Good news! I have been accepted by Tulane University and awarded a 108,000 scholarship–thank you for all of your help with my essays! I am sure they were part of the deciding factor.”–ZanZan, Central Catholic Student

“Victoria helped me write the story about myself that I’ve always wanted to tell, but I didn’t know how. My college application essay meant more to me than just applying to college—it really was the story of me.”–Anneka, Portland State University

“Victoria is my go to writing coach for all my students. She provides individualized attention focusing on students strengths and allowing students to express their voices in powerful ways. My students and their parents regularly thank me for referring them to Victoria.”–Deborah Barany, PhD. Barany Educational Consulting

“My essays were genuine and written from the heart, rather than simply trying to answer a prompt. The feedback I received made me feel that I could accurately portray myself as a real, well-rounded person.”–Molly, Pacific University, School of Physical Therapy