How Telling Stories about Real Customers can Transform Your Business

How do you get a new customer to trust you? 

How can you demonstrate to prospective clients what it’s like to work with you? 

How can you reveal your company’s values to people you’ve never met? 

The answer isn’t your mission statement. 

Stories Build Trust

To show a new customer that you really get them, that you understand their pain, their problems, their obstacles, you need to add this one simple thing in your marketing: 

You need to tell stories about real customers.

Making the Customer the Hero

In Building a StoryBrand, Donald Miller writes about the importance of making your customer the hero of the story when it comes to your marketing. Telling storiesabout your clients takes this a step farther where you can spotlight a real person (just like them)…

  • Who has a problem (as well as conflict about how the problem makes them feel) 
  • Who encounters a solution (your business) 
  • Who achieved results (their success)

The Ratio of Awesome Matters

In your customer success stories, make sure your awesomeness never overshadows theirs by focusing on how it felt for them throughout the journey and by focusing on their happy results. Story hint: the more you foreshadow their feelings about the problem before you introduce your business the more convincing you’ll make the narrative. 

A Good Story Sticks

Stories are sticky. A good customer story will reveal your company’s vision and allow you to win the hearts and minds of your future customers.

What Can You Do with a Customer Story?

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Victoria knows how hard it is to create a compelling message. But she also knows the power of getting your story right. As a story strategist and copywriter, she helps clients take their business to the next level by making their customer the hero of the story.