There are times when life feels like a series of challenges. I say to myself, “Haven’t I already proven, I am strong?”
And then there are days when life seems to hand you some kind of reward for working hard or at least a reminder to keep going.
Sometimes there are no rewards. Just reminders.
Today I felt invited to cross over. On my run, I met a bridge between the trail and forest, covered with leaves, and I swear I heard it say,” cross-over-me.” And so I did. There was no promise of what was on the other side.
I left the forest, as I kept running up, up, up the paved trail. There I was surrounded by the towering pine trees and huge stretches of grass and above me open sky. And
soon…I slowed down.
I looked ahead at the winding path I’d run so many times before, and I witnessed what I’d passed by so many times before, and in the quiet, this one thought fell out of my brain and landed on my tongue. I said aloud, “I live here,” and wondered if the bridge might still hear me.
Because I could feel it now, the wow, the weight of awesome, the reminder, of how great it is to be alive and outside and among the trees and leaves…
and the thrill, to choose. Run or walk, I am going up that hill.
Because I am strong.
And I live here.