Yesterday Bobby lost his wallet. Had just cashed his $400 paycheck and in a blink the wallet he’d taken out of his pocket in a bathroom in Burger King was forgotten. He was in traffic for 90 minutes when he realized his mistake, and by the time he returned, it had vanished. He filed a police report and wondered about what to do next.

Yesterday maybe around the same time I texted his mom to see if Bobby still hung Christmas lights. He use to work for a professional Christmas lighting company and had done it for me before.

Bobby texted me during Thanksgiving dinner that he’d really love to hang my lights today. I learned of the wallet only later. How I wished I had $400 to tip him. I promised myself to earn more money someday so I could do cool stuff like that.

But something better happened.

Bobby finished the job, and we shook hands in my kitchen. He was washing off all the sludge from the gutters, which he also cleaned. I handed him his wages, and he highlighted a few more of his services in case I needed anything else soon. And then he left.

When he returned 5 minutes later, he had a huge grin and was gesturing wildly to me through the big picture window while he talked on the phone. “Somebody found my wallet! They drove all the way to my house to return it. With all my money still in it!” I was jumping and high fiving and crying a little bit because I’m like one of those dogs that gets excited and pees, except it’s tears. “I gave him $20 for gas money,” he said, still with the big grin.

“You’re the kind of guy to drive across town and give back the wallet with $400. You know that right? You’re that guy” I told him, and I gave him one more high five, as he explained to his grandma, on the phone, all about the crazy lady who was talking in the background, explaining that yes, he was leaving, and yes, he’d be home soon, but how he turned around just to tell me this story.  And now I’ve told it to you.

And that’s what I call Thanks Giving. Now go hug someone and warm that right up with your leftovers tonight.